Undefeatd Kids 5-7 years

Are you thinking of an activity that will develop fitness, coordination, listening skills, respect and discipline with a nurturing teaching approach, then this is the one for your son or daughter! Martial arts taught by experienced teacher/instructor Nicola Francis. All classes for this age group are conducted in a fun and rewarding environment with a medal reward system that is unique to this age group - before they begin their black sash journey.

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Undefeatd Kids 6-12 years


Students begin their path to black sash, learning the skills and drills of Wing Chun Kung Fu. It is one of the best programs for improving focus, concentration, self discipline, reflexes and anti bullying tactics. They will meet like minded new friends and the skills learned during these classes will benefit students at home and at school. Agility, coordination, speed and flexibility are taught and practiced in each class in various ways. In these classes there will be a variety of abilities based on age and natural ability. This is recognised and catered for. Students will work through a range of sash colours including:
White sash - Green sash - Blue Sash - Orange Sash - Brown Sash - Purple Sash - Black Sash Students are eligible to receive a new sash at the end of Term 2 and Term 4 through a Show Your Skill Day.