Wing Chun Kung Fu: Where Tradition Meets Modern Powerhouse!

Prepare to be blown away by the artistry of Wing Chun Kung Fu, the jewel in our martial arts crown! Led by the indomitable Master Level instructor, Nicola Francis, our specialised classes are tailored to sculpt you into a martial arts maestro.

Be Part of History: Wing Chun Kung Fu, Crafted by a Fearless Woman!

Did you know Wing Chun Kung Fu is the only martial arts system in the world created by a woman? Buck the trend and dive into a world where finesse outshines brute force. Unlike other martial arts relying on muscle, speed, and power, Wing Chun thrives on the laws of physics. Gain the upper hand by outsmarting your opponent before they even see it coming!



Embark on a Journey of Authenticity: Channeling My Training with Shaolin Monks in China!

Here at Undefeatd, we bring you more than just a workout – we bring you a piece of authentic martial arts culture. Imagine being trained in the ancient art of Kung Fu by none other than Shaolin monks. I've had the incredible privilege of not just witnessing but actively participating in this awe-inspiring experience not once, but twice, during my travels to China.


Launch into a World Where Size Doesn't Matter – Wing Chun Does!

Wing Chun isn't about being the biggest or strongest – it's about being the smartest! Learn how to use your opponent's force against them and watch as you effortlessly move through challenges. Size may matter to some, but not at Undefeatd!

Channel Your Inner Warrior, Transform Your Life! 

The adventure begins here at our Wing Chun studio. Join us, and let's redefine what it means to be a warrior. Unleash your potential, harness the power within, and let's defy the ordinary together!

Your thrilling martial arts odyssey starts now!

Instructor Nicola Francis

I commenced my martial arts journey with the Tasmanian Wing Chun Academy, in Ulverstone in 2001 (a school run at the time by Sifu Stuart Clayton and Tracey Aldridge who were under the guidance of world champion martial artist Rick Spain. I attended many seminars and gradings with Master Rick Spain and gained my level 5 brown sash (one before black sash).

I returned to Hobart to be with family and friends in 2005 and wanted to continue my martial arts journey. However, there was no Wing Chun in Hobart so I decided to join National Taekwondo under the guidance of Chief Instructor Steven Welch. Here I received my red belt after 3 years of dedicated training.

It was in 2008, I had the opportunity to return to Wing Chun Kung Fu, under the guidance of Sifu Alfredo Delbrocco and also open a Martial Arts School with my ex husband Leigh Duff. I obtained my black sash from Sifu Alfredo Delbrocco.

It was in 2009 just after I had my daughter, that I met Wing Chun legend Grandmaster William Cheung.

I received my gold sash level 10 in 2013 and then continued on to receive my Master level 2 from Grandmaster William Cheung in 2016. During this time I also attended many intensive training seminars with Grandmaster William Cheung.

From here our Martial Arts School called UNDEFEATD - No Excuses No Regrets evolved, one in which we are passionate about teaching students to have practical self defence skills and also learn the Wing Chun Kung Fu system including Wooden Dummy and Chi Sao.

We offer class lessons, private tuition, school groups, birthday parties and corporate groups tailored to your needs. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Don't leave it too long.... We are a relatively new school and it is a great time for beginners to commence.  Nicola Francis


Get fit, learn self defence and have fun!  Don’t regret not coming along.  Join us for a 10 week block or just come along for a casual class!