Undefeatd school group

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  • Valuable life skills
  • Learn self-defence
  • Gain confidence and fitness

Why choose Undefeatd? Because our self-defence techniques are not just a martial art – they're a powerhouse of empowerment! Crafted in the heart of ancient China 300 years ago by an outstanding woman, our approach doesn't rely on brute force but harnesses the unstoppable power of strategy.

Imagine turning your opponent's force against them, and that's just the beginning! At Undefeatd, students dive into the world of Kung Fu with exhilarating lessons tailored for junior, middle, and high school children. Our classes are not just informative – they're an adrenaline-fueled journey through the history and philosophy of Kung Fu.

Brace yourselves for hands-on experiences that make learning self-defence techniques a thrilling adventure! But that's not all. Undefeatd isn't just about physical prowess; it's about molding confident and responsible citizens.

Master the art of appropriate personal behavior, acquire valuable life skills, and immerse yourself in the profound wisdom of Chinese philosophy and discipline. Undefeatd is not just a martial arts school; it's a sanctuary for respect, self-discovery, and releasing the stress that holds you back.

Get ready to increase motivation, apply tactical body positioning for safety and control, and embody protective behavior principles and strategies.

Join us at Undefeatd and redefine what it means to be a warrior!



Get fit, learn self defence and have fun!  Don’t regret not coming along.  Join us for a 10 week block or just come along for a casual class!